Chelsea Flower Show Garden Comments

The Winning Garden at the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show, The Daily Telegraph Garden, by Swedish landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell.

Create a Landscape Comments:

Chelsea 2009 Winning Garden

The Contemporary modern designs are a winning combination:

This is the modern formal where plants are only one of the elements that makes this garden a success.

We have height both in the form of a structure and plants but neither steels attention from one another. The formal trees wrap the design and draws the attention into the landscape.

The floor gives texture changes by both using hard landscaping and soft landscaping. The texture change from the water (rippling) to the grases (wavy) to the formal hedge (structure) has been done very well and highlights the importance of texture changes for both the Hard and Soft Landscaping Elements.

The granite in the water feature ads debth and dimension to the feature by casting shadows in the water.  These gardens take a bit longer to implement and are a bit more pricy due to the amount of Hard Landscaping but offer maintenance advantages.