Garden Landscaping Site and Elevation Drawings

Every Garden Design is done based on the requirements of our Customers. They are unique and each create their unique feel of the space. Create a Landscape does a detailed site and Elevation drawing for the Customer so that it is easy to see what the plan for the garden is. 


Why is a garden design important?

Garden Design gives us a road-map for the Landscaping Implementation.

Garden Design enables us to Cost the Project.

Garden Design helps the Customer to visualize what the scope of work and outcome will be.

Garden Design makes use of a professional that has been trained and enables the Customer to understand skill of professional.

Garden Design gives a sense of Comfort to the Customer that the money budgeted and the product suggested will deliver long lasting Value.

Garden Design ensures that questions are answered during the design phase so that everyone is on the same page when the project starts.

Examples of Landscaping Design's - They are as unique as our Customers

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