Garden Landscaping and the use of Focal Points

We are displaying just a few examples of Focal Points. Some gardens revolve around one central themed focal point and everything happens from there. A focal point can set the tone of the Landscape for example Formal, Informal, Modern Contemporary or Classic. As can be seen in this Gallery they can be expensive and very unique or standard and affordable. It is one of the many reasons why it is hard for us to say to our Customers how much the garden will cost and we therefore normally ask for a Budget so that we suggest the correct finishes and materials to achieve the goal. At the end of the day it is the plants that over time develop around these elements that really make a garden a garden.

Why do we use focal points as part of Garden Design?

Focal Points focuses the eye so that we can lead you through the garden.

Focal Points creates destination points in the garden.

 Focal Points helps to define the style of the garden.

Focal Points ads Architectural detail (backbone) to the garden design.

Focal Points ads art and interest to the garden

Focal Points ads points of interest from one garden area to another.


Examples of focal points in the Garden


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