Garden Levels and Retention work

This is a section of garden design that has become extremely important especially for modern formal gardens where the area has to be level to create the modern feel. Level areas in the garden are far more usable than a sloped garden. Where one has to deal with a slope and still want to use the garden create a terraced garden with steps. Sometimes due to the expense of doing this people elect to leave those areas of the garden wild. Consider the Garden Space in it's totality like you do the house before you purchase your new home.

Why is it important to level certain areas in Garden Design?

A sloped garden it great for a Informal Circulation path but not for use.

Modern Contemporary spaces dictate flat usable areas.

Sloped Lawn areas are nice to look at but terrible to sit on.

Leveling the garden will make the area look more Landscaped.

If you want to create Functional use areas then incorporate the Leveled areas as part of this planning.

Leveling the garden creates the opportunity to play with Textures such as Gabions, Cladding and other creative Finishes.


Examples of Levels and Retention work in the garden

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