What Knowledge Does A Landscaper Apply? Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at some of the styles that inspire Landscape Designers to create wonderful outdoor living spaces.

In Part 2 we would like to touch on the current style trends that we see today. Due to the fact that many a yard has reduced significantly in size and that the Urban lifestyle has become one of lock-up-and-go, gardens have no choice but to follow suit.

We call this style the modern minimalistic style where hard landscaping plays a very important role and where asymmetrical designs are used more often than not. Designing small spaces tends to offer many challenges to the designer in that a feeling of space must often be created hence the fact that going up is often the only solution. These designs are formal in nature but balance is achieved in various ways.

On the other end of the scale we have the deconstructivist style, which is completely opposite from formal. Colour not pattern and rhythm is the binding element here.

Lets look at some pictures:

Modern Living

Modern Living

The Blue colour used for the Pergola is a reflection of the blue sky. In small spaces a good idea is also to paint the walls blue. This will make the space seem bigger since the wall will connect with the blue sky.

The walls in small spaces should be incorporated 100% into the design. Just like inside the house where walls are used to hang paintings or even carpets, so should the walls in the garden – but especially small gardens – be decorated. In this garden a very natural effect is achieved with the timber finish.

The beds are raised and this creates a sense of space and provides additional overflow seating. The floor finish has been kept natural with pebble inlays and a screed in the middle – low maintenance is the key here.

Just to offset the strong symmetrical design sleepers have been placed diagonally in the lawn. This creates a strong impact and links up with the wood finish on the wall.