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Our Design Process


Just as you would not build a house without a plan, you should not put together a landscape without a design, no matter how small.


The cost of a design varies between R3000 – R6000


Steps In our Design Process


  • Client Evaluation
    • Assess family needs and desires
  • Conduct a Site Analysis
    • House orientation, drainage, soil conditions, micro climate, noise levels, existing vegetation, permanent features, measure, levels, locate private, service and utility areas
  • Design Landscape Plan
    • Plan drawn on scale
    • Perspectives / elevations
  • Plant selection and placement
    • Location, location, location is also true for plants
  • Costing
    • Detailed costing for each component as per design per section (allows for a phased implementation)


‘If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design’ – Ralf Speth